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28 06 2011
Charlotte Gebauer Koelling

Katie, I am one of the 4,500+ LWML women who was privileged to see and hear you speak at the convention last week. Your presentation, along with Pastor Klauss’s, were the two highlights of the whole convention for me and my sister. Never (in almost 68 years) have I been privileged to see a public figure be so open and honest–and vulnerable. We were awed by your devotion, touched by your honesty, and convicted by our own shallowness. (We PKs, you know, can get more than a little smug/careless about our spiritual lives. We may think, wrongly, we’ve been so immersed in religion that we don’t have to nurture our souls.) Everyone with whom I spoke had exactly the same reaction to your speech: We were awed by your beauty inside that more than matches your beauty outside, and we felt listening to you bare your soul was a once-in-a-lifetime spiritual experience and truly a blessing to all who heard it.

I hope you felt, as you spoke, what everyone else in the hall felt for you. Could you sense the palpable atmosphere as all those 4,500 maternal types were aching to run up on stage and smother you in a loving, supportive embrace. In the interests of your survival, of course, it’s a good thing that they didn’t! Instead all we could do was rise, applaud and reach out to you with our spirits. I pray that you sensed it.

Now, the reason I am writing: I wanted to share your speech with my daughters and others. It could only be a blessing to them. However, as I should have guessed, recordings were not allowed. So I am hoping that you have made one and wondering if you would permit a copy to go out. That your powerful testimony would be lost to other women of faith would be a true shame.

Thank you for making time in your schedule to be with LWML and for inspiring us to greater spiritual depths with you awesome testimony.

Charlotte Gebauer Koelling
Crete, Illinois

9 02 2012
Angelica Jean Irvin

Heyy Katie! Im in the 7th grade and at my school we do living history… and since 7th grade is the first year we do it I get to choose anyone I want to. My friend Danielle and I choose to by Miss Americas! I choose you and she choose Teresa Scanlan! I think you are a very interesting person to do this project on!

Angelica Irvin

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