ISFA Pageant

6 11 2011

I have the best job in the world…I work with the most amazing people, get to spend quality time with my dearest friends and family while working and truly feel like I’ve been able to make a difference at the end of the day.  How many people get to say that?!?!

This weekend I got the chance to work with a new organization, the Indiana State Festival Association.  Festivals provide a lot more for our communities than most people think.  They carry on traditions and historical facts about a certain area, they provide a boost in the economy from money spent on rides, shows, food and games, they give smaller community groups a chance to introduce themselves to people who may have never heard about them, they provide volunteer opportunities and they have a way of bringing everyone together for a celebration and creating a sense of pride.

Festivals are essential and the ISFA works diligently everyday to make sure they remain a focus of Indiana life.  One of the ways that they do this, is by crowning the ISFA Queen every year that serves as  an ambassador for Indiana festivals.  She travels and speaks across the state during her year, interacting with thousands and attending numerous festivals.

Michael, Megan Meadors (Miss Indiana 2008) and I had the chance to judge the ISFA pageant this weekend and choose that very representative.  We had the most amazing time getting to know each of the contestants and enjoying in the festivities surrounding the pageant.  Each young woman was a great representative of their respective festivals and represented them extremely well.  Thank you to the ISFA and to all of the Indiana festivals for making our state so great!




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