REACH for Your Dreams

2 11 2011

The Jennings County Community Foundation along with the Women’s Giving Circle create an unbeatable team.  The two teamed up this year to provide female high school students an opportunity of a lifetime…an opportunity to learn how to reach for their dreams.  The first annual REACH conference was held today at the Park Theater in North Vernon, IN.  The organizations putting this together saw a need for teenage girls in the area to find motivation to break outside of their comfort zone and shoot for the stars.  Jennings County is right next to my hometown and I know from growing up in such a small town and rural environment, how important and necessary it is to share that message!  It doesn’t matter where you come from, who your parents are or what you want to do with your life, anything is possible with God.

I was invited to be a part of this conference to share my story of growing up in Southern Indiana and being able to reach my goals by getting involved, making good decisions and getting a good education.  I stressed to the young women the importance of each of those things and gave real life examples on how they can accomplish their goals as well.  The energy was tremendous.  The young women in the audience were so attentive and extremely respectful.  I really felt like there was a change in the atmosphere as I was on stage.  Once I opened up the floor for Q & A, so many hands went up with dozens of questions.  These young women are ready to conquer the world and I believe they will do it!

Lord, thank you for the opportunities to share with others.  You provide us with so many different talents and abilities that we not only need to utilize, but encourage others to use as well.  As we step out into the world to live our dreams, you guide our every step, action and word.  You stand beside us on our journey to protect us and uplift us.  With you all things are possible.  Thank you Lord for your light that you shine into our lives everyday.  We pray that we continue shining your light to others as we live each day to the fullest and live each day for you and your will.  Amen.




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