Mother/Daughter Event

30 10 2011

Life is about relationships, the rest is just details.  That’s what my Pastor always says and how true it is!  When we come to the end of each day, when we come to the end of all our days, we don’t think about the clothes we wore, the car we drove, the house we lived in…no, we think about the people that filled our lives and experiences.

This concept is so simple, yet so complicated.  It is so simple that even children completely understand it just by instinct.  When speaking to schools and smaller groups of youngsters, I always tend to ask them the things that are most important to them.  Never have I gotten, “My bike,” or “My toys.”  Every single time I ask, each answer has to do with a relationship they have.  “My parents, God, friends,” make up each answer.  And, occasionally I’ll get, “My dog,” which still counts as a relationship!  On the flip side, this concept is very complicated because even though relationships are essential and so important, it isn’t always easy to embrace all of the relationships around us.  Personalities clash, opinions differ and negativity places a shadow on our ability to accept people and show them love, but it’s necessary to do so.

The importance of relationships needs to be highlighted more often.  This weekend, I was so happy to be a part of an organization that completely understandsd that.  Trinity Lutheran in Elkhart, IN sought to celebrate relationships through a special event planned for mothers and daughters.  It was held in the school gymnasium Saturday night.  Round tables were set up with bright pink table linens.  A dessert buffet lined the back of the room with delicate mini sweets piled on top of dozens of tiered displays.  The evening began with a photo and autograph session and then led into a brief concert from Betsy Walker.  Betsy is an amazing vocalist and pianist who writes much of her own work.  Betsy and I actually used to attend the same church and I can remember sitting in the congregation and just being entirely mesmerized by her voice and ability.  The Lord has blessed her beyond measure and she is utilizing it to give all the glory and honor back to Him.  Thank you Betsy for sharing with us.

As soon as Betsy finished her concert, it was my time to take the stage to talk about the importance of relationships in our lives and even perform a few songs myself.  It was a marvelous and inspiring evening that I will truly treasure.

We finished our event around 8:15 and immediately hopped in the car to head back to Indy (3 hours away) to stop by home, change clothes, run to the bathroom and jump back in the car for our trip to Bowling Green, KY (4 & 1/2 hours away)!











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