From Muskegon to Muscatine

24 10 2011

I’m seeing a pattern in the places I travel.  Each week seems to have a similarity to the next.  Last weekend it was Muskegon, MI, this week, it’s Muscatine, IA.  The Miss Muscatine local pageant in Iowa asked me to be a part of their very first Pageant school fund raiser.

The local pageant gives a $10,000 scholarship to its winner.  The Miss Iowa receives $6,000 to put that amount in perspective.  The work of the volunteers and directors simply cannot be matched.

The pageant school was such a neat idea.  Myself, as well as Miss Iowas 1999 Dr. Jennifer Caudle, former Miss Iowa contestants, salon representatives and fitness instructors joined forces to offer advice and assistance to young women who are currently competing or considering competing in the Miss America system.

Michael and I traveled west to Iowa on Saturday to meet the board of directors as well as the other speakers for an evening cocktail reception.  I had the opportunity to visit with the current Miss Iowa, Jessica Pray and chat about her Miss America experience so far and what to expect.  I also had the chance to tell some funny stories and memories from my year of service.  It was so refreshing being able to just visit with friends.

The next morning, we started at around 8:30am at the Pageant School.  I began the talks, giving a synopsis of my journey to Miss America and as Miss America, as well as some helpful hints on how to be a good titleholder and leave a lasting legacy.  After I was finished with my section, I really enjoyed listening to the other speakers as they went through the phases of competition and opened up the floor for Q & A.  Then, a couple of media interviews, lunch, a panel discussion, more autographs and pictures and then Michael and I had to make our way back home.

It was wonderful being able to spend time with such a great local program.  Thank you to all of the amazing volunteers and directors who pour your entire being into this program.  You are an essential part of this organization and have made an amazing impact on the lives of every young woman who competes for a title.











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