Seymour Christian Church

25 09 2011

I love every chance I get to spend more time in my hometown of Seymour, IN.  It will always be home to me.  I especially love the opportunities I get in my hometown for faith-based organizations.  Every chance we get to witness, we need to accept it with humility and honor.

When Michael and I received the request from Seymour Christian Church, we immediately had to accept and start preparing for what would be an awesome experience.

As a way to increase attendance and extend the Kingdom of God, they brought we in to a brief performance and share a message.  I got a chance to speak to all of the Sunday School students and two services filled with people.  The Holy Spirit was truly present in that place.

The church was so kind as to also offer a chance for an autograph and picture with me after the services for $10, and then they donated all of the money to Ovar’coming Together.  I was able to present a check to our organization for $1,050.  I am so grateful and overwhelmed at their faithfulness and graciousness.  Everyone at the church was the embodiment of Christ and of His love.  They have no idea how much that money will help in efforts to conquer ovarian cancer.

Thank you Lord for the opportunity to be a witness of your word.  Thank you for kindness and generosity and the serene heart that gives affectionately and unselfishly.  Your light shines through those that always choose to love above all things.   Amen.




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