Ovar’coming Together

12 09 2011

It is September, an extremely important time for Ovarian cancer awareness because it serves as our awareness month.  This month, our organization spends countless hours reaching out to various media outlets, coordinating events, working with businesses to display awareness information, turning the town teal and raising funds for continued research and support.

As a member of the Board of Directors, it is my honor to volunteer my services to this tremendous organization who helps thousands of women fight this terrible disease.

Today, was an opportunity to do just that through media.  Our director, myself and a young survivor, Nicole, made our way downtown to do several interviews on WIBC.

Nicole’s story is so powerful.  She was diagnosed at age 20, but only after being misdiagnosed several times.  This unfortunately is heard of entirely too often in the world of ovarian cancer.  After noticing a slight change in her body, Nicole sought medical advice.  She was ridiculed by doctors who said she was wasting their time.  She was also told she was pregnant, which created a different kind of panic.  Nicole still didn’t accept her diagnosis, and saw a specialist.  It was stage 3c ovarian cancer.  Nicole went through eight weeks of treacherous treatment, all while still going to school.  Today, she celebrates.  It has been two years since she found out about the silent killer that threatened to take her life at such a young age.

Nicole is the perfect spokesperson for this deadly disease because she doesn’t fit the typical profile most people think is synonymous with ovarian cancer.  20 years old, full-time college student, bubbly, vivacious and full of personality.  Nicole has and will continue to save lives with her message.  Thank you, Nicole for your strength and willingness to share your story.





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