Agriculture…It Powers America

9 09 2011

Agriculture is powerful.  It gives nutrients to our land (which too often gets abused), it provides jobs, and ultimately, feeds America.  I am so proud to have been raised within agriculture, and am even more blessed to be able to give back to that very industry that gave me so much.

Yesterday, I got the chance to speak to the Midwest Ag Finance in Rushville.  It’s a company that provides insurance to farmers, and is based in southern Indiana (my hometown).  Their annual meeting was held at the most gorgeous farm I have ever been on.  300 acres, six perfectly-preserved barns and the most pristine colonial home, built in 1816.  I was in Heaven and couldn’t help, but wish that someday I could live in a place as beautiful as this.

During the evening, we had a fantastic dinner; steaks, baked potatoes and all the fixings.  I was able to speak for about 30 minutes, sharing stories from my year of service as well as some of my favorite memories as a child growing up on the farm.  And, we were able to enjoy each others company, visiting after all of the “official” business was taken care of.

I felt at home and at peace being in the country again.  I don’t know, I’m thinking Brian and I and our two puppies need some fresh air and a serene back drop for our next home:)




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