6 09 2011

The east coast has always intrigued me!  The big cities, the water, the food!  Ah…the food.  So, naturally I was very pleasantly surprised when I received a request from Emanuel College in Boston.  The request came from a dear friend who happened to have been the former Executive Director of the Miss Purdue University Pageant here in Indiana.  My business manager and I had to find room in the schedule to stop in for a visit.

It was such a quick trip, and of course it rained the entire time, but I loved every second of touring the campus facilities, meeting with the faculty and staff and students (especially the tremendous student leaders).  This campus is amazing.  It’s right in the heart of downtown Boston; yet it feels like you are worlds away from everything.

I was most impressed with the unique student activities and leadership opportunities the college offered to its student body.  What great ways to get more involved!  That was exactly what I was brought there to talk about:  The importance of leadership and getting involved.  I was the very first speaker in a new speaker series they started that will bring people who are in the public eye to the campus to speak to the student body in hopes of sharing valuable life skills and lessons to improve the overall quality of learning for the individual student.  It was remarkable, yet I feel as though I was able to learn much more from the students than they were able to learn from me.

Thank you to everyone at Emanuel College for being so generous and gracious and making my trip so memorable.




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