We Can Do It!

2 07 2011

Riley Children’s Hospital has always had a very special place in my heart.  It’s one of those places you pray you never have to go to, but are so thankful it is there.  It represents so much more than a hospital, it is a place of healing for both the child and the family.  I have had the incredible blessing of working with Riley for many years now, helping raise funds, making special hospital visits and attending promotional events.  I am thankful for every moment I have to spend with the amazing people involved with this tremendous hospital as well as every single child and family that has received hope and healing there.

As part of the amazing outreach Riley does for it’s patients, it hosts a camp every summer where hundreds of children can come and make memories that will build character, boost confidence and provide life-long friendships.  I was able to attend Riley Camp Prom last night where I took part in making some of those memories.  It was a life changing experience meeting those kids.  Each child suffers from something unique and different, yet they are all connected to each other in faith, hope and love.

We started off the evening in one of the lodges where I helped do hair, put on makeup, pick out dresses and paint fingernails.  The girls’ excitement and anticipation filled the room and it became so tangible, it sent chills up your spine.  What prom would be complete without pictures and a fancy dinner?  It was a blast taking photos with each of the campers (and their dates)!  We spent the rest of the evening, dancing our hearts out under the starlight.  It was simply magical.  A night full of gratitude for many things…health, happiness, friendship and moments like these shared with the ones you love.




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