Miss Indiana Preliminary

22 06 2011

It’s Miss Indiana time again and I am so excited to see who the next Miss Indiana 2011 will be… There’s a moment each night of competition where you try to envision who will take home the crown, and as hard as you try and as much as you think you know, there will always be a wonderful surprise at the end of each night.

Because my travel schedule has been so hectic lately, I only get to attend one prelim night and the finals night of competition.  I am so thrilled that I get to still take part in it though.

Tonight was preliminary night #1 and what a spectacular night it was!  The girls came with their A-game on stage and ready to win!  It was so amazing seeing the amount of talent and passion in each of the contestants as they performed and spoke about their individual platforms and causes. 

I even got a chance to take the stage after intermission and introduce some of our special guests…two Riley Hospital children with their families who came to be honored this evening.  Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals is the national platform of Miss America and the kids have always and will always be the focus.  Tonight, we wanted to introduce our Riley champions to the entire Indiana community.  MaKayla and Olivia were just darlings and wowed and charmed the audience to laughter, to tears and back to laughter again! 

Amazing contestants, amazing kids, amazing stories…amazing organization that brings them all together!












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