Miss USA

19 06 2011

For many people there is a great deal of confusion between Miss America and Miss USA.  It’s easy to think that they are one in the same, but I always like to tell people comparing Miss America and Miss USA isn’t even like comparing apples and oranges, it’s like comparing fruits and vegetables.  We’re both side items, but not even in the same category. 

Quick facts: Miss America was started in 1921.  Miss USA was started in 1955.  Miss America has a talent competition.  The interview process is completely different between the two systems.  Miss America is a non-profit organization that puts emphasis on scholarship and community service.  Miss USA is owned by NBC and Donald Trump.  Each competition has wonderful opportunities for young women, depending on what that young woman wants to achieve. 

Many Miss America’s, after their year of service, go on to use their scholarship dollars for graduate school, and then go on to the medical profession, law, broadcasting and even politics.  Miss USA has the opportunity to live in Trump towers in NYC, modeling and acting contracts and classes, as well as many other resources available to her during her reign.  As I stated before, it’s so difficult to compare the two because they are so different and unique and both offer great opportunities to young women, it just depends on what that individual is looking for.

Just because I never competed for Miss USA, I still have many friends who have in recent years.  This year, I had two very special and close friends competing for the title.  Miss Texas, Ana Rodriguez and Miss Tennessee, Ashley Durham.  I was so excited to watch them participate in the competition.  We have all known each other for three years now as we have modeled for the same designer in that time.  Ashley and Ana are the best of friends and even got to room together during their three week stay in Las Vegas before the pageant. 

It was all too appropriate to watch the pageant in Arkansas (our second home) with that very same designer, Tony Bowls, and the hair and make up artist we work with everytime, Joel Green.  It was like a little family reunion and could not have been more perfect, especially since Ana placed 3rd runner up and Ashley won 1st runner up.  They both did exceptionally well and we were so proud of them. 




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