Batter, Batter, Swing!

9 06 2011

I’ve never been much of an athlete I have to admit.  I just don’t have the size or the coordination to be a sports star; but that doesn’t mean I didn’t try.  All through elementary and high school, I tried basketball, volleyball, track and cheerleading.  I loved them all!  Now that I’ve gotten older, I still love to play for fun, but my skills are even more lacking now that I don’t practice on a regular basis.

Tonight I got to try my hand at a new sport…softball.  It was the annual Indiana Children’s Wish Fund Celebrity Softball Tournament hosted by Robert Mathis of the Indianapolis Colts and Roy Hibbert of the Indiana Pacers.  Both men are outstanding and tremendous athletes with really big hearts.  I originally was not going to be able to participate in this event because my husband’s grandmother was very ill, but it was important to him for me to continue with my engagements, and he got to come and bring his entire soccer team.

The whole evening I was surrounded by professional athletes and local celebrities battling it out on the field for the trophy.  I only got to bat once and hit the ball only about two feet, but I was proud of my effort.  A great audience came out to support the event and they were able to raise thousands of dollars to grant wishes for children suffering from life-threatening illnesses.  I’m so thankful I was asked to be a part of such a great event and am even more thankful for the people who have spent countless time and effort into putting events like these together for a great purpose.




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