7 06 2011

Back to New York City…again!  Who am I kidding??  I love New York.  It’s been just a couple of weeks since my last trip, but I am already eager to go back.  Again, I went to NYC to meet with this new group we were introduced to just two weeks ago for a follow-up.  Everything went wonderful and I thoroughly enjoyed spending some more time roaming the streets of New York.  It was different being there by myself this time with no colleagues or business managers, but a very welcome change. 

I caught myself wandering around the night I arrived and came across Battery Park where I sat and people-watched for a while, then found a great little restaurant and finished off the night with some much needed rest and relaxation.  Again, I stayed at Ground Zero, but at a different hotel.  This one had just gone up within the last year and it was extremely unique and different…in a good way.  It was much like a dormitory on a college campus with separate entrances for sets of rooms and studio-style suites.  Out of my bedroom window was a view of where the 9/11 Memorial will be.

Another great trip to NY and I’m already anticipating and planning the next one. 




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