Land of Lincoln

28 05 2011

Another example of how pageant season is in full swing…the Miss Illinois Workshop: A time for all of the local contestants, parents and directors to get together, learn everything they need to know about the competition and gather entirely too much information about what to expect:) 

My good friend and Executive Director of the Pageant, Amalia  Schwerdtmann invited me to come over to Springfield, IL to speak to the contestants about the job of Miss America.  

I spent several hours with the entire group talking about what the job is, why it is important and how to be successful at it.  I also threw in a couple of competition tips for the contestants. 

The response from the audience was outstanding.  All of the contestants were so receptive, taking avid notes and I even saw a few tears.  It really touched my heart.  After my talk, I had a chance to sign some autographs and take a few pictures.  It took us a little longer than expected to finish up at the workshop, but everyone was so kind and gracious.  The Miss Illinois Board even gifted me a beautiful new Miss America crown ring.  Good luck to all of the 2011 contestants!




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