Concrete Jungle

25 05 2011

I love New York!  It was almost my second home during my year as Miss America, heading there once or twice every month!  The energy about the city is so tangible that you can almost hold it in your hands.

I’m always eager to get back to New York, and through my new position at Australian Gold, I will have many more opportunities to do just that.  I just got back from a trip to the concrete jungle.  Several meetings with a new group brought myself and two of my colleagues  there for presentations and opportunities for collaboration.

Although this was far from my first time in New York, this was the first time I stayed in the financial district…yes, my hotel overlooked Ground Zero.  As soon as my taxi pulled up to the Hilton Millenium, I was standing between barracaded gates that enclose the still devastated area and a hotel that saw it all happen that grim September day.  My heart sank to my feet.

Once inside the hotel, my spirits were lifted to see so much joy on the faces surrounding me.  There were new beginnings happening around every corner and hope was being restored.

“As we approach the 10th anniversary of the terrorist attacks on 9/11, Lord, I ask that you continue to be a guiding light to all those who lost loved ones.  I ask that you continue to shine your love on them and help them to move forward and know that through you, all things are possible.  Thank you for the love of families, the warmth of home and the promise of a better tomorrow. Amen.”


















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