Ovar’coming Together

10 05 2011

Last September, I received the opportunity to take part in the Ovar’coming Together Walk/Run event in Indianapolis, where I served as the honorary event chair.  This organization’s mission is to conquer ovarian cancer and definitely struck a chord with me though I didn’t really know why.  I knew that there was something pulling me in, but I couldn’t put my finger on it.  As soon as I left the event, my heart was pounding for this organization.  I had to become more involved.

Things that struck me…1.) Ovarian Cancer symptoms are difficult to detect.  Symptoms are much like what women get during their menstrual cycle except extended over a few week period.  2.) Ovarian Cancer has a 40% survival rate.  Mostly, because the symptoms are so difficult to recognize and when women catch it, it is usually in stage three or even four. 3.) Many medical professionals don’t know or don’t care to recognize that there are symptoms for ovarian cancer and too often misdiagnose the disease. 4.) There is no certain age at which women are more susceptible to this horrible cancer.  We recently lost a 17-year-old in Indiana to ovarian cancer.  5.) A papsmear does not test for ovarian cancer.  You need to ask for a CA 125 blood test and ask for referral to a gynecologic oncologist.

My life could not help but be touched so deeply by this organization and I offered to get more invovled right on the spot.  Well, tonight I was able to take part in my very first Board of Directors meeting, to which I am  now a member. 

I cannot wait to start putting together events for this incredible organization and start making waves for the women who are battling this terrible disease.  My life is now being painted in a beautiful shade of Teal!




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