The Secret Ingredient to a Great Day!

7 05 2011

Today I was able to spend some time with the amazing women at Carmel Lutheran Church in Carmel, IN.  I had been so excited about this particular appearance for three reasons. 1.) Close to home 2.) I get to speak about my faith and 3.) My family was coming. 

It was the women’s annual luncheon and I was coming to share with the audience of about 200 women stories about faith and the challenges of keeping it strong while under the spotlight and the importance of relationships that God places in our lives everyday; the good ones, the bad ones and the indifferent ones.

The day started off with a bang!  My mother, grandmother and two sisters were some of the first to show up at the event.  I was so proud to hug them and share this day with them.  After a quick rehearsal of my performance pieces, it was time for my presentation.  I didn’t know that the wonderful women at Carmel Lutheran had a surprise up their sleeves for me…a special introduction from my sisters!  Heidi and Heather took to the stage like pros and did one of the most amazing introductions I have ever heard.  My favorite part was when they took credit for everything I have done in life because they taught me everything I know:)

A especially warm and cheerful greeting from the audience gave me an even bigger boost of confidence as I took the microphone.  Typical of me and true to form, I went completely away from what I had planned for my presentation and just let God and my heart lead me as I spoke!  It was tremendous.  After I finished my presentation and performed some of my most special songs, I opened up the floor for questions and answers.  The ladies had some of the best questions I have ever heard and really challenged me.  I loved that!  I also got to share some fun stories during the question and answer portion that included my siblings that were in the audience, making it all the more fun.

I even got to meet one of my biggest fans, a little girl who has been following me ever since I competed in the Junior Miss system many many years before.  Her parents were so sweet and adorable to bring her all the way to my appearance just to hear me speak, sing and take a picture with me.

Immediately after the main presentation, all of the women gathered in the common area for a delicious meal and then it was time for the Secret Ingredient Fashion Show.  The Secret Ingredient has been a tremendous supporter of the Miss Indiana Scholarship Pageant and I love wearing all of their pieces.  I got to model in the gorgeous show wearing three of my favorite pieces that I got to pick out personally while in the store.

It was a wonderful experience filled with faith and family.  Amazing people and an amazing atmosphere like Carmel Lutheran make for the secret ingredient to a great day!






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