Riley Prom Wonderland

6 05 2011

After rushing back from Louisville, KY, I finally made it to an event I knew would change my life: The Riley Cancer Center Prom.  Almost 400 people including patients, families, doctors and volunteers gathered together for the Wonderland themed event.  I started off at the hospital for the Day Spa.  The Riley kids and their families were able to go shopping for a free donated gown in “Promingdales” the special store they set up just for this event in the hospital.  Then, each one got a massage and their hair, makeup and nails done by people from all over Indianapolis (I was doing makeup).  I was able to conduct a few media interviews about the event and hopefully share information on what this event means to everyone taking part in it.

The patients ranged in age from 4-17.  The only restriction was that the patient had to have received treatment within the last 12 months.  It was truly remarkable to see the kids’ faces light up when they saw themselves in the mirror for the first time after getting ready.  You never know what that means to a child that might not have hair or may look washed out or tired from treatment and is constantly in a hospital gown.  They don’t feel pretty, they don’t feel good, and this was an opportunity for them to shine!!!

Around 7:00pm, we were all transported across the street for dancing and dinner.  The building looked spectacular.  Backdrops painted with scenes of an enchanted forest draped from the ceiling covering every inch of every wall.  People dressed in “Alice in Wonderland” costumes were walking around taking pictures with the kids.  There was a buffet of of food including pizza, mac n’ cheese, tea sandwiches, etc.  There was face-painting, a magician, candy bags, a live band and a DJ, everything according to the theme and everything so creative, fun and exciting!  It was even more incredible to find out that everyone involved had donated their time and efforts to making the event happen. 

Dancing on the floor with the kids was a highlight of the day.  Their spirits were so full of love and happiness, I was overflowing with joy watching the smiles get bigger and bigger.  A miraculous day.  Each of those kids is a miracle and the work we can do to put a smile on their face and a warmth in their heart is a miracle.




















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