Rain, Hail, Snow or Sleet

17 04 2011

Rain, hail, snow or sleet…that’s what you put up with when you are a soccer family; for the love of the game!  This past weekend, my husband Brian and I made a straight shoot to Louisville, KY for a soccer tournament where he coached his 13-year-old team to compete for a Midwest title. 

Since this was the same weekend as Thunder Over Louisville, of course the city was a buzz.  It was a little more difficult finding a hotel and parking, but the energy surrounding the events made it an exciting time to be there.   Although the boys didn’t do very well and the weather was awful, I still loved being able to support my husband and his players on the field. 

We are so blessed to be a part of Westside United!  We have been with this particular team for four years now and every year, it just keeps getting better.  Not because we have winning seasons, but because my husband has been able to assist in the upbringing of fine, young gentlemen.  That’s the most important part of what he does on a regular basis, and boy he is awful good at it.  Thankful to have a husband that will also be a great father!





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