Working on My Balancing Act

15 04 2011

Pompano Beach, FL is home to some of the most gorgeous beaches, lavish resorts and best restaurants.  It’s also home to the studios where Lifetime’s “The Balancing Act” is shot.  “The Balancing Act” is Lifetime’s morning program that has helpful tips for Moms on the go!  I was able to travel to Pompano Beach over the 13-15 for a special segment featuring Australian Gold sunscreens and lotions. 

I’ve been working for Australian Gold now for almost a month and have learned so much during that time.  What an honor to be able to travel on behalf of my company to speak about responsibility in the sun. 

We had a five and a half minute segment with host Gabrielle.  We hit on points like what SPF really is, what the numbers mean, the importance of re-application and of course all of our fabulous products we offer from Australian Gold.  We finished the entire shoot in a matter of minutes and the producer of the show started calling me “One-Take Wonder!”  That really gave me a boost of confidence.

With all of this traveling I have had to learn how to balance everything I do on a daily basis.  I know I’m far from perfect, but at least I can share what I’ve learned with women across America!










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