Faith Lutheran, Greenfield

12 04 2011

What exactly is Faith?  It’s said that Faith is believing without seeing.  We, as Christians believe in Heaven, believe in the Triune God, believe in what Jesus Christ has done for us eventhough we have never seen any of those.  We believe in the word of God as printed in the Holy Bible.  We believe that we should love our neighbors as ourselves, never take the name of the Lord in vain, never cheat, steal or lie.  We believe; and therefore, we have faith.

I can’t think of a more perfect name for a church than Faith!  And, I believe in the people of Faith Lutheran in Greenfield.  Upon arrival at the church, I was received with open arms, kind smiles and comments filled with warmth.  It was the annual ladies banquet at Faith Lutheran.  I was able to join in the festivities at the church with about 150 women.  After a delicious meal and devotional, the group made way for the sanctuary where it was my time to present.

I spoke about relationships and the importance they have in our everyday life.  God provides us relationships to bring joy into our lives, share in love and sing praises to Him.  I finished off my presentation with a Q & A session and a few special performances including Via Dolorosa.  The evening was truly remarkable, providing a boost of inspiration and renewal! 

Thank you Lord for Faith.




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