4 04 2011

Okay, so I know that “Hooah” is the chant for the Army and I’m getting ready to talk about a special friend in the Air Force, but it definitely encompasses the spirit of our servicemen and women! 

Tonight, I was able to meet up with a very dear friend of mine; Natasha Kienow, Tech Sargeant in the United States Air Force.  I first met Natasha over in Germany during my five day visit as Miss America 2009.  Natasha, along with three other dear friends and tremendous soldiers, were assigned to be my escorts for the trip.  We had the most amazing time traveling around Stuttgart, Heidelberg and Illesheim, visiting military families, wounded warriors and army bases.  We made the most amazing memories and created a life-long friendship!

Natasha and her friend, Rhonda, happened to be in Indianapolis for the Women’s Final Four Tournament.  I met with them downtown for dinner to catch up.  I had to take them to Scotty’s Brewhouse to try out one of our famous Indiana Tenderloin sandwiches.  Natasha has not only been a great friend, she has taught me so much about what it truly means to serve one another. 

Thank you to our current military members who are serving across the globe, our military families serving at home and our veterans who have gone before.  Your service is astounding and appreciated more than you could ever know!





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