God’s Blessings in Abundance

21 03 2011

What did I ever do to deserve God’s grace and blessings?  The answer is simple…nothing!  He loved us so much that He sent His only, begotten Son to die on the cross for our sins AND He continues to bless our lives every day with so many things that we usually take for granted and don’t even recognize.  Something else that is absolutely outstanding is that He requires nothing in return for these blessings, but our love and belief in Him.  Our God is so good!

Today, He blessed my life in a way that was extremely impactful not only for my life, but for my husband’s and the rest of my family as well.  He blessed my life with something I have been longing for, for many years now…stability.  God granted me a full-time job that would offer consistency in this beautiful life he gave me that is so full of last-minute trips out of state, living out of suitcases, and changing “jobs” on a daily basis.  The Lord has opened up a position for me to have a set schedule, a set paycheck and more importantly, set benefits.  I feel so blessed the Lord found a place for me and has opened my life up to something so new and beautiful.

Today, was my first day as the Vice President of Brand Awareness at Australian Gold in Indianapolis.  It’s amazing how things happen when you least expect them.  I absolutely love my new position, love what I’m going to be doing and love the people I’m doing it with.  God answers prayers.  Even if the answers are not exactly what you expected, the Lord will guide and direct you. 

Thank you Lord for always providing and thank you to that fantastic people at Australian Gold for welcoming me with open arms!





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