The Paris of the Midwest

16 03 2011

Detroit was once called the “Paris of the Midwest.”  While I’ve never been to Paris, I have been to Detroit dozens of times to visit family and I do find that a little hard to believe; yet I still love Detroit.

I just got back from an amazing, uplifting and spiritually enlightening trip to Detroit to spend time with the incredible women of the LWML.  1,500 people in attendance, most of them women, to gather for their annual meeting.  The group brought me in as the keynote speaker and entertainer.  Along with an autograph signing, luncheon and press interviews, I gave an hour presentation about what my faith means to me, how to stay strong in your faith under the spotlight and how to listen to our call.  I finished off my presentation with my version of Via Dolorosa, the song I performed on the Miss America stage during the talent competition.

Even though I was battling a terrible cold and had an extremely raspy voice, I managed through my speech and performance.  It was only during the Q & A session that being sick got the best of me and I needed to take a moment to recover.  It’s times like these when you realize what your limitations are and you work with everything you have to push through them.  Thank you to the beautiful women who made the trip so memorable and for allowing my aunt Barb to join us during this annual celebration and even drive me back to the airport so we could spend some time together.

So, I guess Detroit could be the “Paris of the Midwest” if they are refering to the beautiful hearts that dwell there because the women of the LWML truly have beautiful hearts.  After all, Paris is all about love and love is one of the greatest things we can share.





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