Family First

14 03 2011

FAMILY FIRST!!!  Anyone who knows me, knows that there is only one thing that comes before family…and that is faith!  Nothing else and no one else is more important.  Also, anyone who knows me, knows that my family is much more extended than those who are biologically related!  I consider my family an intricate network of hundreds of people.  For them, I live, I work, I care, I am. 

I love any moment I get to spend with family.  This weekend was a huge family reunion…not a typical family reunion, but rather a couple of days I was able to spend with those I hold nearest and dearest to my heart. The weekend started off with my husband Brian, one of our best friend’s Craig and myself heading up to Chicago for a basketball tournament.  There we met up with several other family members; our friends Jill, Andy, Cassie and Justin.  The boys were going to play in the tournament and the girls were going to take some much needed “girl time” doing things outside of the sports realm!

Even though the boys didn’t necessarily have the most successful tournament run, we still celebrated with pizza at Gino’s (our favorite). 

On Sunday, it was time to head back home, but on our way I needed to make a pit stop to spend time with some more family members.  Knox, IN was the final destination for the first ever Miss Collegiate North pageant.  My friend Jessica had recently accepted the Director’s postition for the pageant and asked if there was a way for me to crown her first titleholder.  Naturally, I jumped at the opportunity.  It’s my Miss Indiana family, and for them I am tremendously grateful and look for any chance to give back to them!

I had the best time with the girls competing and loved every moment of being up on stage again.  There is something so special about being able to participate in the start of an amazing journey for many of those young women.  So many other family members joined us in the audience that night.  Dozens of other local directors, titleholders and state directors came to support the program.  Also while we were there, my best friend Michael and I had a special moment with Katie, the current Miss Indiana’s Outstanding Teen.  We had collected several hundred bottles of shampoo and conditioner for her.  This was part of a goal she had made for her community outreach.  She has been collecting them for the Ronald McDonald House.  The look of her face when we gave them to her was absolutely priceless. 

After a long drive the rest of the way home, I felt refreshed and rejuvenated, reflecting over the past weekend and how many family members I was able to see and share with.  How truly blessed I felt.

Lord, thank you for the tremendous blessing of family.  You continue to overflow our lives with joy through the relationships you have provided for us and we have done nothing to deserve them.  Dear Father in Heaven, if we have nothing more than faith and family, we have everything.  Amen.










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