Singin’ and Meetin’

9 03 2011

What a wonderful day!  Today definitely took me back to the whirlwind that was my year of service as Miss America 2009.  Wake up call was at 4:15am.  Michael and I headed downtown to the Indiana Convention Center for the National Trucking Association to sing the National Anthem.  Much to my surprise, I got to meet a very special person…John Cleese.  Most people immediately think of him as Monty Python, but I like to refer to him as Lyle Finster (for all those Will n’ Grace fans).  He was the keynote speaker at the convention and I loved chatting with him for a moment.  Even though it was early and my responsibilities were few, everyone was so nice and we got a great response from the audience. 

After grabbing a quick bite to eat at Cafe Patachou (our favorite), it was off to the Riley Foundation for a meeting.  I adore the Riley Foundation and Riley Children’s Hospital.  My work with Children’s Miracle Network gave me my first opportunity to visit Riley and offered me the chance of a lifetime to do the most inspiring work I have ever done!  I’m really looking forward to becoming a member of Team Riley and participating in numerous upcoming events.

The day finished off with one of the most touching acts of kindness I have ever experienced.  Several weeks ago, the amazing people at the Indiana 4-H Foundation nominated me for an award through the Indiana Council for Women.  Every year they honor women from across the state as  Torchbearers; those that are making strides for women in leadership positions.  I was so incredibly honored and humbled to be recognized as a Torchbearer and as the Heart of Indiana!  I was almost left speechless at the podium being considered for the same award as such distinguished women as the President of the United Way, a NICU Neurologist, founders of organizations, teachers, politicians, etc… Thank you for your kindness and for making me feel so special.  This award only encourages and motivates me to work even harder and continue to give my all to improving the quality of lives.





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