In Three’s

2 03 2011

They say bad things usually come in three’s.  When it rains, it pours.  I know from too many life experiences that this statement is most unfortunately true…most of the time.  Well, today I’m defying the odds.  Today I say, “GOOD things come in three’s!”   Today is one of those days I feel so blessed I could burst.  The Lord is doing some pretty amazing and undeserved things in my life.

After a couple of years of uncertainty, lack of direction and super-speed changes, stability is right around the corner.  The entire month of February brought great discomfort and fear into my life.  I was busy as usual, but it was different.  Of course, there were several speaking engagements, events to emcee, dozens of meetings, volunteer projects and even a huge fundraiser I helped coordinate for Miss Indiana, but everything seemed to be focusing on the future, yet nothing was happening as a result from this busy-ness! …until today!

Today, everything came together!  There are some incredible things in store for the near future including work for Riley Children’s Hospital, Ovar’coming Together (Ovarian Cancer Society) and even the possibility of a full-time job.  Three opportunities…three blessings all at the same time and all an act of HIS hand.   

The Lord always provides.  How dare I doubt HIM.  When I worry about the future that means that I am doubting his plan for my life. 

“Lord I apologize for ever doubting you and ask for your forgiveness.  I lift up your name in praise for everything, good and bad and I surrender all of these blessings back to you.  Use them according your will!  Amen.”




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